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Feel free to contact us if you have any queries about this ayurvedic clinic. For a free consultation, or more information about ayurvedic therapies or treatments, please contact us using the below details.

At time of writing we are no longer at this site and considering a new location.


Please note: if your query is non-web related (such as questions about treatment, consultation and costs) then it is better to contact our personnel directly by phone, as the response will be much quicker. However, feel free to email us if you feel this is a more suitable option.

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About us (in brief)

KA (Kerala Ayurveda health clinic ) is a reputed ayurvedic centre in (Greater) London and we treat clients using authentic ayurvedic treatments from Kerala. Find out more about us and find why you should try us.

Free consultation

At Kerala Ayurveda health clinic, we offer a free consultation with a qualified physician (BRCP and BAMS). The ayurvedic doctor will carry out a diagnosis and take account your body type, condition and various other details. Then he or she will advice on what type of therapy is appropriate. However, you are under no obligation to take a therapy with us after you have received your consultation. During the consultation the physician may also give you advice on aspects of your diet and lifestyle. The physician will use a
holistic approach to healing when offering advice, taking account of your body as a whole.