Feedback and Testimonials

Here is some feedback we have recieved from our clients...

"I am a patient having problems with Rheumatism, Arthritis and severe tiredness. I had tried several medications but in vain and have been suffering for quite a long time.

But then having heard about Kerala Ayurveda health clinic and being very close to my area, I thought I would give it a try. One Saturday I took an appointment with a doctor at KA and he took a diagnosis. He checked the blood pressure, pulse and asked a couple of questions about my past and present medical conditions. The Ayurvedic physician assessed my body type and he suggested some useful dietary and lifestyle changes to balance the vata, pitta and kapha in my body. 

They made an appropriate mixture of Ayurvedic oils to my body type and health conditions. The lady therapists gave me a good one-hour massage with warm herbal oil (head to toe). After that I was put in a steam chamber, which helped the toxins to be released from my body.

With the experience I felt very light, the swollen muscle disappeared and my body was relaxed — overall it was a very good and effective treatment.

Now I have made it a point to visit Kerala Ayurveda Health Clinic very regularly. I felt that I needed a course of treatment to achieve the maximum benefit.

I sincerely appreciate the cleanliness and their service. Over and above, I appreciate the treatment (Abhyangam), which had given me lot of relief."

Mrs. Kokila Patel, Chief Executive Editor, Asian Voice

"I have been suffering from severe arthritis - pain, stiffness and swelling in both knees for a long time without finding any remedy. It was Sunday when I happened to meet a friend of mine who too had similar aches like me. He told me that there is an ayurvedic centre called Kerala Ayurveda health clinic in Sudbury and advised to see the doctor.

Accordingly, I made an appointment with him and to my surprise there is no consultation fees at all. He suggested that it is better for me to go for ayurvedic oil massage therapy and advised on dieting and lifestyle changes. After a continuous treatment for five or six weeks, I am feeling healthier and able to walk a little better than earlier.

At the clinic, there are both male and female persons to do the therapy, and they are pleasant and kind with the patients. As you enter the clinic, the fragrance of ayurvedic oils makes you feel that you have come to the ideal place.

I recommend this clinic for anyone who suffers from arthritis or any rheumatic problems."

Mr. Markandu, Kingston

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