Why try us?

Kerala Ayurveda health clinic offers treatment for several disorders and conditions. The treatments are designed around your individual health needs.They have no side effects at all and there is a wide range of therapies. We offer therapies (such as specialised massages) by experienced and highly skilled therapists. We offer therapies for the following conditions and more:
  • back pain
  • neck pain
  • whiplash
  • joint pain
  • arthiritis
  • migraine
  • stiffness
  • frozen shoulder
  • pulled muscles
  • stress and strain
We also offer the following benefits:
  • FREE consultation
  • authentic and effective Kerala ayurvedic treatments
  • qualified and registered ayurvedic physicians
  • affordable prices
  • there are no side effects
  • only natural medicines are used — no artificial or synthesised chemicals
  • we are multilingual and can speak in Hindi, Tamil, and Malayalam (and of course English!)
Our therapies are beneficial in that they can improve your condition or maintain a good health balance. For example, regular abhyangam can help maintain a good physique. We also provide many other authentic treatments that are very benefical.

You can contact us now to get a free consultation with a qualified ayurvedic physician.

For more information about us (KA), go to our company page to get an informal introduction about our profile.

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